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Linkedin: a Contact Strategy
Laura Molloy, Sales and Marketing, RPL UK

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This workshop will cover:

  • Intro to Linkedin
  • Creating a searchable profile
  • Establishing a contact strategy for Linkedin
  • Striking up a conversation - Case study

Driving Sales with B2B Social Media Marketing
Gordon McIntyre-Kemp, MD, Intelligise

Social media is not a revolution or even a trend or fad. It is a symptom of the wider paradigm shift in how businesses and customers need to communicate in order to do business.

Old style sales and marketing models, such as cold calling, advertising and direct mail, are delivering diminishing returns. People no longer want to be sold to; instead they want a relationship, and they want your company to help them make informed buying decisions.

B2B companies that are not seeing improved sales results from their social media activities and those which have not yet started using social media need to know how to convert social interaction into leads and into sales.

Gordon will be talking about the key role that social media marketing plays in closing sales, building trust, generating leads and increasing profit. He will look at how you measure it and what it could mean to your business if you learn how to engage clients on a deeper level and turn that engagement into sales.


Legal Considerations
Scott Kerr, IP Partner, Corporate Group

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The use of internet- and mobile-based applications for business raises a number of legal issues, which can be complicated by the fact that the law is having to adapt to apply in an ever-changing operating environment as technology and systems evolve.

Current areas of concern/confusion include:

  • Ownership of rights in a website and its content
  • Infringement of third party trademarks and other intellectual property rights in a website environment
  • The new regulations and the opt-in requirements for the use of cookies on a website
  • Data protection and privacy policies

Driving Sales from your Activity
Ben Rogers, Director, Attacat Internet Marketing

There are two ways to increase website sales: get more people coming to the site, or simply make better use of those coming to the site already.

‘Converting’ more visitors into sales (or leads, donations or subscribers) is less expensive than you would imagine and delivers rapid returns.

Kiril Bunin from Attacat Internet Marketing will, in his unique Russian style, introduce you to the processes behind the growing specialism known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO), including:

  • User testing on a shoestring
  • Analytics beyond Google Analytics
  • Getting direct feedback from prospects and customers
  • The science of split testing

He will then illustrate the power of CRO to you with case studies highlighting both common and more subtle conversion roadblocks and mistakes.


Rapid Growth Optimisation – The New Science of Internet and Social Media Marketing
and Social Media Marketing.
Gordon McIntyre-Kemp, MD, Intelligise

Learn the secrets that led to between 40 and 150% growth for some of the UK’s fastest-growing companies.

Marketing has evolved - optimising a company for rapid growth now requires an integrated approach to social media, digital and traditional marketing.

For several years Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp has worked closely with and studied six fast-growth companies (between 40% and 150% growth per annum) as a sales, marketing and social media advisor. He has combined this experience with research into the marketing of over 100 UK-based fast-growth companies and has identified the marketing activities and behaviours that drive rapid sales and profit growth.

Gordon will be presenting case studies that prove his formula for Rapid Growth Optimisation - KAST, which stands for Knowledge Leadership Positioning (K), Attraction Marketing (A), Social Media Engagement (S) and Trust Maximisation (T).

This inspiring and thought-provoking presentation will change the way you think about marketing.

Agenda may be subject to change