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Funding your business – Innovation and Growth
Vicki Ronaldson & Caroline Myles, Scottish Enterprise

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There are a number of Scottish Enterprise support mechanisms to help businesses innovate and grow.

Are you looking to:

  • Innovate in any aspect of your business?
  • Develop a new product and take it to market?
  • Try out that really risky technical idea that no one else will support?
  • Undertake research and development for the first time?
  • Expand your business or buy some new equipment?
  • Undertake a project that will create and/or safeguard jobs?
  • Export or access new markets?
  • Contribute to Scotland’s growing renewables sector?

This seminar will cover SE's Innovation Support Service, R&D and SMART: SCOTLAND grants, as well as Regional Selective Assistance.


The Smart Route to Export Success
Kirsteen Higgins, Scottish Development International &
Tony Stone, Stoats Porridge Oats

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Are you looking to expand beyond the UK? Or perhaps you're already successfully trading abroad? In either case, experience shows that companies with international ambition are more likely to succeed if they establish a robust strategy first.

Scottish Development International will introduce you to the opportunities that exist through exporting and to Smart Exporter, a programme of free support. Hear about successful Scottish companies already exporting and receive guidance on what steps your business needs to take to go global and break into new markets. Through support from the Smart Exporter programme, export experts can advise where your key markets are, assist with your strategy development and provide technical support, training and upskilling across key overseas trade topics.


Low Carbon Build Environment
Billy Mitchell, Project Manager, Sector Delivery Directorate, Scottish Enterprise
Offshore Wind
Heather Quigley, Project Manager, Scottish Enterprise and
Fiona Soutar, Project Manager, Renewables Team, Scottish Enterprise

Low Carbon Build Environment
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Description coming soon.

Offshore Wind
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The presentation will be a quick introduction to the offshore wind industry in Scotland, how Scottish Enterprise are helping build a local supply chain, and details on assistance we can offer local companies wanting to find out more about the offshore wind market.


Collaborate for Growth
Jim Maxwell, Business Development Manager, Co-operative Development Scotland &
Alastair McNaughton, Freelance Specialist Adviser, Co-operative Development Scotland

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Co-operative Development Scotland will introduce the consortium co-operative – a collaboration model for businesses wishing to work together on a shared agenda whilst remaining independent. The consortium model gives quick and easy access to scale but without the normal risks of rapid ‘organic’ growth.

Key features are:

  • Shared and equal governance arrangements
  • Increasingly popular for joint bidding, selling, marketing, purchasing, sharing facilities, premises etc
  • Flexible membership – sole trader or company, easy joining and exit
  • Minimal bureaucracy and focus on benefits to the members
  • Full advisory and support package provided by CDS

The presenters will use case studies to illustrate the wide range of possibilities for consortium working and will be happy to discuss specific cases after the presentation.


Social Media and eCommerce
Alan Linton, SE ICT Specialist and Pete Mowforth, INDEZ

You understand how important social media is as a marketing channel for your business and you may already be using it. But are you getting the maximum benefit? We will look at the importance of your social media marketing strategy and show how getting the strategy right can bring real results.

eCommerce is not only transforming consumer behaviour because of advantages in price and convenience, it is also replacing a significant portion of B2B trade with a resulting dramatic shortening of supply chains. Case studies at this workshop include businesses that have grown from zero to eight-figure sales in around four and a half years and companies who have increased exports to over 65 countries. We will include a review of the process and focus that was necessary to achieve this level of growth in turnover and profit.


Leadership – Your Secret Weapon
Lorraine Stevely, Managing Director, Sercon Support Services Ltd

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A short seminar hosted by a business leader(s) to highlight their leadership philosophy/journey and how they have transformed their businesses and developed high performing organisations.


Marketing Your Business
Gordon Morgan, Business Adviser, Business Gateway

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This seminar will help to explain what marketing actually is and how your business can benefit from using elements of “The Marketing Cycle” and “Customer Care” skills to improve the sales, profits and reputation of your business.

Agenda may be subject to change